Submissions for the bang. Art Innovation Prix are accepted until April 3rd, 2017

bang. art innovation prix

In today’s science and technology world, the pace of innovation is strongly connected with the developments and inventions in the field of “bang” (bits, atoms, neurons, genes). We are witnessing that some of the major developments in bang are inspired by artistic productions that share the same context.

bang. prix which is organized by ArtBizTech aims to support the hybrid art, bio art, data art and new media art projects of students and young artists that bring art and innovation together. By this way bang. prix acts as a platform that meets people from different disciplines and fosters innovation with creativity inspired by art.

The submitted projects will be shortlisted by bang. prix jury including Oracle San Francisco Senior Director Aylin Uysal, multimedia and installation artist Ayşe Gül Süter, Akbank Executive Vice President Burcu Civelek Yüce, artist and founder of NOHlab Candaş Şişman, İTÜ Computer Engineering Human Robot Interaction Doç. Dr. Hatice Köse, Koç Holding Innovation Coordinator Murat Peksavaş, MIT Media Lab Researcher Pınar Yanardağ and Artist, Academician, Designer and Musician Selçuk Artut.

Candidates can submit their projects via bangprix@artbiztech.org until April 3rd, 2017. The elected projects will be supported until May 20th by a mentor committee including leading artists, business and technology experts. These artworks will be exhibitied at 42 Maslak Art!SPACE Gallery between May 25th – June 3rd 2017. Following this exhibition, some of these artworks will also meet with art and innovation community at Mixer.

For detailed information: www.artbiztech.org/bangprix

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