ArtBizTech is a multi-disiplinary group of people, including business professionals, technology specialists, developers, engineers architects, psychologists, students, academicians and artists that helps companies to generate creative ideas, develop innovative products, technologies, services and solve any kind of business challenges by applying Design Thinking Methodology and Artful Thinking Perspectives. ArtBizTech is a member of DMI (Design Management Institute).

Business and technology professionals from different companies work together with artists, designers, academics and students in ArtBizTech Creators Lab. They develop innovative products, services, spaces and create interactive digital artworks that inspire innovative business and technology ideas.

ArtBizTech also has a Design Thinking Lab that serves as an innovation facility to solve any kind of business and social challenges. Companies can benefit from the lab in applying all phases of the design thinking methodology with mentoring of ArtBizTech consultants.

ArtBizTech organizes Design Thinking Workshops and seminars. At these events, participants generate and prototype innovative ideas and solutions by applying Design Thinking methodology  on a real life case study.

ArtBizTech also organizes Artful Thinking Workshops and seminars that aim to teach participants how to look at personal and professional life through the lens of the world’s most famous artists such as da Vinci, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Dali and develop  innovative ideas and solutions.

ArtBizTech periodically organizes meetups where business and technology professionals meet with artists and discuss the perspectives employed in the creation of artworks. They also explore how these perspectives can be applied to business and technology domains.

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