Project Team

Project Coordinator:
Bora Sıpal – ArtBizTech Istanbul Coordinator

Project Consultant 1 :

Ebru Yucesan – Işık University – Interior Design Department – Academician

Project Consultant 2:

Emrah Yayıcı – ArtBizTech Istanbul President & UXservices Managing Partner

Project Consultant 3:

Özgün Toptaş –  Developer

Project’s Description

As the viewer moves the installation on a plexi-glass platform with RFID sensors, the Rasberry Pi micro-computer recognizes its location and assocciates that location with its correspondence on the world map. Accordingly the installation emits light and sound resembling that city.

Philosophy Behind the Project

This is an interative artwork that aims to make viewers feel the soul of the cities all around the world with touch, visual and audio effects.

Commisioned By:

The artwork is first exhibited at ArtBizTech & Zorlu Holding Design Thinking & Digital Revolution event at Zorlu PSM on 12nd May, 2016 in Istanbul.

Project Inspired By:

The project is inspired by the sound around Ganges River in India.


Rasberry Pi Micro Computer

RFID Sensors


Light and sound equipment

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