The Most Innovative Companies of 2016

01 BuzzFeed

For shaking up media across the globe

02 Facebook

For not letting size get in the way of acting like a startup

03 CVS Health

For becoming a one-stop health shop

04 Uber

For hustling corporate business

05 Netflix

For giving unexpected audiences exactly what they want

06 Amazon

For evolving from commerce to cool cloud services

07 Apple

For acing its China test

08 Alphabet

For finding a better way to bet big

09 Black Lives Matter

For turning the conversation about race into results

10 Taco Bell

For combining corn, beans, meat, and cheese into genius

11 Robinhood

For removing all the barriers to stock trading

12 Universal Studios

For breaking the box-office record with canny casting and marketing

13 Huawei

For taking the upper hand in the global mobile competition

14 Cyanogen

For offering a more open, customizable version of Android

15 InMobi

For making mobile ads you actually want to see

16 Novocure

For attacking tumors with electricity

17 Bristol-Myers Squibb

For treating tumors with T cells

18 Amgen

For making cancer therapy go viral

19 Spotify

For finding the beat in the data

20 GE

For leading the industrial Internet of Things

Source: http://www.fastcompany.com/most-innovative-companies/sectors/

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