Design Thinking

ArtBizTech provides Design Thinking trainings in two course formats depending on differing learning objectives and time constraints of training participants.

design thinking training page

  • Learn how Design Thinking Methodology is applied at most innovative companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple.
  • Learn the most effective design thinking tools and techniques that are being used in the development of innovative products, services, spaces and solutions.
  • Learn how Design Thinking, Lean and Agile methodologies can be applied together to foster innovation.
  • Develop Artful Thinking mindset which is recommended by leading academic institutions like Harvard and MIT to foster design thinking skills such as creativity, empathy, thinking out of the box and visual thinking.
  • Generate and prototype innovative ideas and solutions by applying Design Thinking methodology and Artful Thinking mindset on a real-life case study

design thinking bootcamp page

  • Learn Design Thinking in one day by applying its methodology and techniques on a real life case study.

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