Project Team

Project Coordinator:
Bora Sıpal – ArtBizTech Istanbul Coordinator

Project Consultant 1 :

Ebru Yucesan – Işık University – Interior Design Department – Academician

Project Consultant 2:

Emrah Yayıcı – ArtBizTech Istanbul President & UXservices Managing Partner

Project Consultant 3:

Özgün Toptaş –  Developer

Project Consultant 4:

Rabia Yorgancı –  Istanbuk Technical University – Robotics & Interaction Design

Project Consultant 5:

Gül Kaner –  New Media & Fashion

Project Consultant 6:

Özge Çokgezen –  Art & Technology Specialist

Project Consultant 7:

Aslı Barkman – Philosophy

Project’s Description

As the viewer interacts with the interactive installation, the sensors get the heart beat of the viewer and emits lights and sound with the same frequency of the heart beats.

Philosophy Behind the Project

This interactive artwork is inspired from Sufism Philosopy. It aims to show people that everybody in the world is connected with each other by an invisible form of energy. The installation includes touch, visual and audio effects that reftlects this philosophical statement with an artistic way.


The artwork is first exhibited at Art&Technology event at 42 Maslak ArtSpace at 16th June, 2016 in Istanbul.


Rasberry Pi Micro Computer

Heart Beat Sensors

Phyton Code

Light and sound equipment

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