Design Thinking Lab

ArtBizTech Design Thinking Lab Istanbul serves as an innovation facility to solve any kind of business and social challenges.

The lab is located at 42 Maslak which is walking distance to ITU Maslak metro station.

Companies can benefit from the lab in applying all phases of the design thinking methodology with mentoring of ArtBizTech consultants.

1. Definition

Define the challenge of a specific group of customers or employees.

2. Research

Interview the target audience and identify its needs, problems and expectations associated with the defined challenge.

3. Interpretation

Detect patterns among research data and use them to generate actionable insights.

4. Idea Generation

With inspiration from the insights, generate ideas for creative solutions that may satisfy the needs and expectations and solve the problems of the target audience.

5. Prototyping

Turn selected solution ideas into tangible forms.

6. Evaluation

Test the solution alternatives by using prototypes, and refine them based on target users’ feedback.

If you want to learn more about ArtBizTech Design Thinking Lab you can contact us: info@artbiztech.org

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