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Design Thinking Bootcamp


Bootcamp Objectives

Learn Design Thinking in one day by applying its methodology and techniques on a real life case study.

Bootcamp Content

  1. Definition of Challenge: Identification of the challenge (problem, opportunity) that is presented on the case study.
    • Technique:
      • HMW Questions Technique
  1. Research: Analysis of each personas’ needs, problems, and expectations.
    • Technique:
      • Persona (demographic + psychological analysis)
  1. Interpretation: Generation of insights based on grouping, pattern recognition and root cause analysis of research outcomes
    • Techniques:
      • Empathy Mapping
      • Mind Mapping
      • Affinity Diagram
      • 5 Whys
      • Functional Decomposition
      • Journey Maps
  1. Idea Generation: Leveraging insights to generate creative solution ideas that will satisfy the needs, expectations and problems of personas.
    • Techniques:
      • Brainstorming
      • Reverse brainstorming
      • Brain-dump
      • Value Proposition Canvas
      • Prioritization Matrix 
    • Interactive Artful Thinking Game:
      • Creative Thinking & Thinking out of the Box Games
  1. Prototyping: Prototyping of selected solution ideas
    • Techniques:
      • Prototyping
      • Story Boards
      • Role Play
  1. Evaluation: Assesment of at what level the selected solution will satisfy problems, needs and expectations.

design thinking workshop photo 1
design thinking workshop photo 1
design thinking workshop photo 1

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