Design Thinking Methodology Book

Our book explains design thinking methodology that is applied by high-performing enterprises, start-ups and organizations in developing innovative

– products;
– technologies;
– services;
– business models;
– marketing ideas;
– processes;
– spaces; and
– solutions for diverse business, social, and everyday challenges.

It includes easily applicable design thinking techniques, such as

– HMW questions,
– personas,
– mind mapping
– empathy mapping,
– affinity diagram,
– value-proposition canvas,
– storyboard,
– cause-and-effect diagram,
– brainstorming,
– brain dumps,
– reverse brainstorming,
– benchmarking,
– journey map, and
– prototyping.

A real-life case study is used to introduce design thinking methodology and techniques in a more practical way to a broad range of practitioners, including

– project managers and IT specialists,
– innovation teams,
– marketing professionals and brand managers,
– product managers,
– designers,
– consultants,
– strategic planning experts,
– entrepreneurs,
– C-level executives, and architects.

The book explains how artful thinking perspectives can be applied to enhance design thinking skills, such as

– creativity,
– thinking out of the box,
– empathy,
– visual thinking,
– observation,
– asking the right questions, and
– pattern recognition.

It also describes how to apply design thinking and lean and agile methodologies together.

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