“What if Picasso was a business or technology professional?”

Workshop Content

  • Develop Artful Thinking mindset to foster creativity, ideation and innovation which is recommended by leading academic institutions such as Harvard and MIT.
  • Learn the ideation methodologies and techniques that are used at innovative companies such as Apple and Google.
  • Learn the right brain skills that are necessary to develop creative business and technology ideas and how those skills could be improved by Artful Thinking.
    • Creativity
    • Thinking out of the Box
    • Visual Thinking
    • Asking the Right Questions
    • Observation
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Empathy
    • Concretization
    • Critical Thinking
  • Gain the tools to improve the effectiveness of Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile methodologies.
  • Attain the art knowledge in a nutshell to get prepared for managerial roles that require a certain level of intellectuality.

Creativity & Inspiration Sprint

  • With Interactive Artful Thinking Games, improve your right brain skills that are necessary to develop creative business and technology ideas:
    • Creative Thinking Game
    • Thinking Out of the Box Game
    • Pattern Recognition Game
    • Contextual Thinking Game
    • Strategic Thinking Game
    • Concretization & Abstraction Game
    • Visual Thinking Game
    • Critical Thinking

Ideation Sprint

  • On a real life case study, apply the improved skills at Creativity & Inspiration Sprint to;
    • Discover insights,
    • Develop creative ideas.

Creators Lab

After the workshop, participants can support ArtBizTech Creators Lab projects to keep their creativity and other right brain skills updated.

artful thinking workshop photo 1

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