Creators Lab aims to foster innovation by merging technology and art

Business and technology professionals are aware of the fact that being hardworking or talented at their profession is not sufficient to generate successful business outcomes. In today’s complex business world with many unknowns we have to be more creative and innovative.

At ArtBizTech Creators Lab business professionals, technology specialists, designers, developers, engineers, architects, psychologists, students, academicians and artists meet to develop innovative products, services, spaces & solutions and create interactive digital artworks that inspire innovative business and technology ideas.

They enhance their right brain skills such as creativity, thinking out of the box, observation, emotional intelligence, pattern recognition and critical thinking by applying design thinking methodology and artful thinking perspectives.

If you want to take part in ArtBizTech Creators Lab projects, you can contact us for corporate and individual membership options:

Project 4

Tulip and the Firefly


Project 3

Invisible Connections of People


Project 2

Soul of the City


Project 1

Einstein’s Letter on the ‘Universal Force’ of Love


What we do in Creators Lab

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